How to Reduce Equipment Breakdowns in 2015

How to Reduce Equipment Breakdowns in 2015

As the summer months come to a close we would like to share our experiences of customers different approach to repairs and maintenance and how some customers have significantly reduced their equipment breakdowns in what is normally an expensive and busy season. It almost goes without saying that poorly maintained equipment is prone to more failures but as our maintenance programs grow it becomes more evident to us. We haven’t had any after hours service calls (the urgent and most expensive) from any of customers that utilise our maintenance program.

We service a number of fast food franchises. The way which clients manage their individual stores vary greatly. Those that need after hours service calls pay a premium for the service, worse still for those with older equipment more often than not the system can be blocked by dirty condensers and evaporator coils blocked with debris. This can cause the fan motor to failure due to restricted air flow. This causes the compressor to overheat and puts it at risk of failing.

Compressor failure is by far the most costly repair we carry out, it is basically a system replacement. More often than not compressor changes are carried out on equipment that has not been looked after by a regular maintenance. Being part of maintenance program, which can be as little as $600 a year, allows you to see exactly what work is being carried out, when and by whom. Customers that sign up to our maintenance programs receive special care on their equipment. Our maintenance program strives to ensure that you don’t have those unexpected breakdowns.

You need to see the value of the investment into a maintenance program and we want to show it to you. We provide you with a list of all your equipment along with the 10 or so tasks that are undertaken on each piece of equipment. This list is checked off at each maintenance and any irregularities recorded and reported. A log book is placed at your site noting all visits to your site, so if there are any problems or things that need to be checked in between maintenances then a record is kept on site so you and your staff know what has been done.

This maintenance program will reduce the costs and frequency of equipment breakdowns. Below is a summary of all the benefits that you could be receiving by being part of our maintenance program.

Some benefits of a routine maintenance plan

  • Prolong life of commercial refrigeration equipment
  • Reduce electrical consumption
  • Reduce the need for emergency commercial refrigeration service
  • Prevent costly commercial refrigeration repairs

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