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Need your Commercial or Display Fridge Repaired?

We have expert technicians working throughout Melbourne ready to repair your commercial or display fridge.

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We get to 90% of all service calls within 90 minutes. Call or book online now to get one of highly qualified technicians out to you.

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Melbourne’s Commercial and Display Fridge Repair Specialist

When your commercial or display fridge breaks down, it can be frustrating unless you have a team that’s waiting to go into action. We’ll accurately diagnose the problem and give you a quote that covers the entire cost of the job. You can count on us to fix the problem in the quickest time possible.

We service a full range of commercial and display fridges:

  • Refrigerated display cabinets
  • Storage cabinets
  • Sandwich Bars
  • Gelati Cabinets
  • Pizza Bars
  • Bottle Cabinets
  • Blast Chillers
  • Pasteurisation Machines
  • Mobile Refrigeration Units

All Areas Services your Suburb

Call us now or book online to get a discount 03 8774 7767